Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will you miss me?

Hi I am back. Not for long. Nobody is reading this. Cant bear to delete this blog. Contains way too much memories. Exams are coming. Study week next week. Need to stay focus. GPA will be my main priority. Sem 2.1 is ending. Last week of school. Quite sad that SSM is coming to an end. Will miss Toptable and Sugarloaf. Dont want to change class again. It's pointless. I like 2H12. Fun people. Dont change class, save the trouble. Culinary Science for elective module. Cant wait to cook. Chef uniform and knife set is gonna cost a bomb. Need to learn to sleep earlier. Bodyclock fucking screwed. I miss you. When will I see you again? Okay. Typing way too much crap. Will be back after exams. Fullstop.